Thursday, 5 July 2018

Melanie Cambrige Demonstration oil landscape 4.7.2018

On a hot a sultry night Melanie Cambridge braved the heat to come and demonstrate at Virginia Water Art Society as did about 40 members of the Art Society.  The subject was landscapes in oil taken from sketches that Melanie had produced on a visit to Scotland. Not one but two paintings were demonstrated during the evening . Melanie works very fast which gives the paintings a lot of movement and energy despite being such a hot evening Melanie managed to keep up the pace and actually finished the first painting by half time.  As she painted we were given lots of information about colour  paint brushes and her method of producing amazing vibrant paintings also she explained how to make the most of mark making and how to put energy into painting.  The members enjoyed the evening immensely,  so thank you Melanie.