Thursday, 12 August 2010

John Kay Finish Picture

Received today from John Kay the finished painting along with the original photograph and the sketch he made using the photograph upsidedown thanks John

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

John Kay Demonstration Painting from Photographs 4.8.10

John Kay was the Demonstrator at the Virginia Water Art Society meeting on 4.8.10 the information John supplied us with along with his demonstrations was extremely useful and gave our members along with the several visitors to the meeting much to digest and experiment with. One of his more unusual suggestions was to sketch from the original photograph whilst it was upside down thus giving a completely new perspective on the subject allowing concentration on shapes and tonal values also sketching from a black and white photograph also helps with the tonal values. After sketching in this way John then discarded the original photograph and re drew from his tonal sketch onto the watercolour paper producing a loose outline of the subject and the proceed to apply washes and blocked out the dark areas gradually building up the overall painting. For further information Johns Web site is