Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ida Montague Feature Artist of the Month

Ida Montague pictured with the Mayor of Runnymede Cllr. David Par

I started going to painting day classes in 1989 with a friend. My initial reason for starting was to paint the Virginia Water Lake with the trees in all their autumn glory.
Not done it yet! Must make it my next one!!

We joined Virginia Water and Runnymede Art Societies for several years, going to other  day and evening classes for watercolour and attending other creative workshops.

All the time bringing up our youngest, painting and creating, on and off in various ways.

Another creative friend moved to the village  and we went to the Virginia Water Winter Art Society Exhibition we were impressed with the work and the atmosphere so we went to their monthly meeting and joined - we also joined  Runnymede Art Society and now exhibit with both Societies.

Since joining them I have really taken to painting in Acrylics and enjoy it along with the workshops as I can let my imagination run away with me in a different way to watercolour. 

Below are some of Ida's paintings as well as her displays of crafty bits.

Ida Montague Feature Artist of the Month work displayed at various exhibitions

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ali Cockrean Workshop 12.5.12

Virginia Water Art Society members plus a few from other Societies spent the day with Ali Cockrean in a workshop designed to introduce us to abstract painting.  Using acrylics Ali took us through the stages of producing abstract paintings and let us in on one or two of the secrets such as how to approach an abstract, what makes a good abstract, and how to develop and view abstract paintings.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day and came away with a new understanding of the process. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sera Knight Demonstration 2.5.12

The bad news was the advertised demonstrator John Harris let us down at the last minute the really good news was that Sera Knight was able to take his place which, on reflection made the bad news seem quite good after all.  We have seen Sera demonstrate at our meetings in the past and have always enjoyed watching her paint and tonight was no exception.  Sera's paintings are always so full of movement and she leaves just the right amount for the mind to fill in, the process is always made to look so easy in Sera's hands, which in turn gives us the audience the encouragement to go away and try for ourselves, and although it is never as easy as Sera makes it look we still feel the enthusiasm that she portrays.  Sera  will be demonstrating again in January 2013 which we are all looking forward to.  And we are also hoping that Sera will do a workshop for us next year if she can fit us in to her busy schedule.