Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Feature Artist of The Month Ian Reilly

 Ian Reilly

I started painting some 7 years ago when my wife bought me a subscription to a magazine course on watercolour, and I quickly caught the bug. I remember going to my first art class with 2 brushes, a watercolour pad and a pencil and rubber – I couldn’t get all my kit into the back of a station wagon now.

I attended art classes at local colleges and got early encouragement when a painting sold at a local exhibition. Several years ago, I attended a demonstration by Ali Cockrean and was intrigued by her work in acrylics, so I joined her excellent class for some time, despite it being a bit of a journey. I then had a year when work was going to disrupt regular classes, which prompted me to opt for a distance-learning course with the Regent Academy. Although I couldn’t recommend it for everyone, it was good for me as it broadly followed the structure of a traditional art course – drawing, composition etc – with assessed projects mainly in acrylics. I currently attend Aurora Spain's classes at Jagz in Ascot. These are great fun but also very helpful as Aurora is an accredited teacher of the Michael Wilcox technique of colour study, so can de-mystify colour blending - something I really needed

I joined the Virginia Water Art Society a year ago and promptly got equal first in the winter exhibition – very jammy – it was the frame wot did it, said my wife. I thought the outdoor summer exhibition was a real blast – quite unique and a lovely opportunity to chat with other members. My wife and I are planning to move to Dorset shortly, to be closer to our elder daughter and grandchildren. Something of a sudden move and influenced more than a bit by the lovely landscapes there. Trouble is, I’ve never done landscapes – anyone got a good book?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Curtis Tappenden Talk and Demonstration Sketchbook and Poetry 2.11.11

 This evening saw the most entertaining and action packed demonstration that Virginia Water Art Society have witness in quite a while.  Curtis Tappenden started the evening with slides from his and others sketchbooks with accompanying poetry, giving us an incite to what inspires his art and how words plays a big part in his work. His animated poetry reading certainly ensured the audience were with him. In the second half of the evening Curtis talked us through his thinking process as he sketched using pens ink and watercolour in a most entertaining manner.