Monday, 25 April 2011

Atist of The Month Featuring Rodney Lucas

 Portraite of Rodney Lucas By Gordon King


"Born with a pencil in his hand" - quote from his mother!  Rodney won the O Level art prize at his grammar school, then confounded the school by wanting to continue art to A Level for which the school simply did not cater.  Fortunately the local art school was next door, so he went there for art lessons.  He won the art prize again for A Level - no competition!

He has now been painting regularly for about 40 years and was for 33 years a committee member of Virginia Water Art Society, of which he is now president.

He says he has learned a lot from many wonderful painting demonstrations and also benefited from tutored painting holidays, mainly with the late Bill Voss.  He paints in watercolour, pastel or oil and also enjoys pen and ink work.  Favourite subjects are landscape, usually with buildings, or outright townscape.  He is now painting more and more since taking early retirement and has accepted a number of commissions, usually of peoples houses.  However, the pictures here were created simply for the pleasure of painting.

VWAS Committee Memebers 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Vic Bearcroft Demonstration Animals in Pastel 6.4.11

Virginia Water Art Society were fortunate enough to have a Demonstration by Vic Bearcroft tonight and not only did we learn a good deal about pastel painting but also thanks to Vic's informative demonstration we now know a great deal more about animals in general and big cats in particular The demonstration was very much enjoyed by everyone