Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kate Bull receiving the Pat Hare Trophy for Best Painting as nominated by the Mayor & Mayoress of Runnymede 2015

                         VIRGINIA WATER HAS NOW GOT A NEW LOGO
The Winning Logo after all votes were counted was by Doug Coe the paint tube as below and will appear on your membership cards this year congratulations to Doug.


Stephen Foster Demonstration 6th January Pallet Knife Landscape in Acrylic & Oil

Stephen Foster's demonstration using only a pallet knife was a first for the Virginia Water Art Society members the first coat was done in Acrylic with the pallet knife and then the final coat was done in oil. Stephen explained his methods as he went, he said that by using only the pallet knife mad for a freer looser style of painting which in turn allowed for more expression from the Artist, and that by using a first coat in Acrylic guided the way for the oils and showed where improvements could be made in the final coat of paint.  Thank You Stephen for a very enjoyable demonstration.