Monday, 8 December 2014

Virginia Water A.G.M. 8th December 2014

Virginia Water Art Society A.G.M. 

Shan Turner Chairman 2014

Left to right Doug Coe Anne Williams Secretary
 Jean McDonnell Vice Chair. Shan Turner Chairman Marie Cook President

 left to right Patricia Lumley   Barbra Isaacs Membership Secretary

Left to right Alan Marr Pam Hawkins Programme Secretary

Left to right Rosa Sears Outings Secretary Margaret Baldock Treasurer

Doug Coe

Left to right Patricia Lumley, Barbara Isaacs, Doug Coe, Anne Williams 

Left to right Marie Cook, Alan Marr, Pam Hawkins, Rosa Sears, Margaret Baldock

 Shan Turner presenting the Pat Hare Award to Julia Aspin whose painting of Blueberries won the Vote from the Mayor of Runnymede Peter Waddell' s  Best in Show Julia will haver her name engraved on the award

Shan Turner Presenting the Rose Bowl award to Bara Aylwin whose painting Enchanted wood was one of two paintings to receive 9 votes from the Public vote at the Winter Exhibition 2014

Shan Turner Presenting the Rose Bowl to Jules Peck whose painting Poppies also received 9 votes from the public vote at the Winter Exhibition 2014 

Julia and Bara will share the Rose Bowl annual award 6 months each for the highest public votes 

Shan Turner (retiring) Chairman Reported on
the Years events and thanked all those who helped with the Societies business and was presented with an Orchid in appreciation of her work throughout the year

Jean McDonnell was elected Chairman and Pam Hawkins Vice Chairman also John McDonnell was thanked for all the work he does at the exhibitions and for operating the camera at the monthly meetings and Jean received on his behalf a bottle by way of thanks. 

Two new Committee Members were voted in Colin Deal and Colin Aylott 

After the Business of the Society, afternoon tea and nibbles were well received

The Committee for 2015 

President:  Marie Cook

Chairman: Jean McDonnell
(also Web site & Advertising)
(also Newsletter)

Vice Chairman: Pam Hawkins
(also Programme Secretary)
(also Workshops)

Treasurer: Margaret Baldock

Secretary: Anne Williams

Membership Secretary: Barbara Isaacs

Outings: Rosa Sears

Other Committee Members:

Patricia Lumley
Douglas Coe
Alan Marr
Colin Deal
Colin Aylott