Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ron Ripley Workshop 6.10.12

What a lovely day we all had at the workshop with Ron Ripley, there were 16 of us and Ron' original demonstration was a landscape in watercolour with pastel, after which we all approached our own paintings, some of which were landscapes but some however were of other scenes and we even had a couple of elephants.  Ron came to each of us giving us his words of wisdom, tips and hints. We all ate our sandwiches sitting outside in the sun then in  the afternoon Ron demonstrated a seascape in pastel explaining the merits of this medium, some of us then attempted pastels, others continued with their.first piece of work. We all enjoyed the day immensely  and are looking forward to seeing Ron in the new year for a portrait in pastels demonstration

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Members Meeting Show and Tell 3.10.12

The members of Virginia Water Art Society spent and evening with a difference at their monthly meeting last Wednesday each member came with one or two pictures which they have in their own homes and which they particularly like, some were their own paintings others were prints or photographs, all had their own particular story attached.  The group spent the evening talking about the pictures in an very relaxed and informal meeting.  As we usually have professional Artist demonstrate their work it mad a nice change for us to spend the evening socially and getting to know the other members likes with regard to Art.