Saturday, 6 August 2011

Feature Artist of the Month Patricia Lumley

My name is Patricia Lumley, I have been  married to my wonderful husband Robert for over 50 years, we live in Virginia Water and have two amazing sons who now live with their wives .   I have been writing poetry since the 70’s  but didn’t start painting until I was 50 as I was so busy bring up my two boys and running two businesses. A hairdressing salon in Sunningdale with my husband and also a gift shop and although hard work it was great fun and I met some very interesting people.

Living near the beautiful Virginia Water lake, I have never been short of inspiration for my painting or poetry,  although my favourite subjects for painting more often come from my imagination.  I belong to several local art societies, Sunningdale, Virginia Water and Runnymede and through art I have made some wonderful friendships with fellow Artists.

I recently took part in an exchange of paintings and poetry with Poets from Herndon Virginia USA.  My paintings were on display in the USA and in the process I met and became friends with other Poets and Artists.

Paintings by Feature Artist Patricia Lumley

Feature Artist of the Month Patricia Lumley

Patricia Lumley with her brother Bill centre and her husband Robert right

Below Patricia's Painting "In My Mind" and accompanying Poem "I Don't Believe we've Met" by her USA Poet Partner Jean Russell

I Don't Believe We've Met

I really don't care to meet you

Why should I waste time meeting strangers

Saying hello, hello and how is your aunt

Saying would you care for some tea

or would you care for me

Why should I spend time meeting strangers

Time is rationed out, a year here, a year there

Each year is folded and then stuffed into my pocket

You simply can't have this new year

Calling me and chatting and knocking on my door

You mean nothing to me at this moment

Take back your outstretched hand

It doesn't matter what you think

Why should I waste time meeting strangers

Jean Russell

                                          Inspired by Patricia Lumley's painting “In My Mind"

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Talk with slides by Chris Christoferou 3.8.11

Chris Christoferou came to Virginia Water Art Society today to talk to our members, the subject being "beauty in your back garden" however Chris has the most unusual visitors to his garden the first half of his talk covered wild cats  and jungle animals which of course were not residents of his back garden but his paintings were extremely good and his slides showed how he had decided upon his composition in order to give the best to his paintings the second half contained slides of genuine inhabitants of his back garden with the most beautiful pictures of wildlife which Chris was very knowledgeable about,  his talk was most entertaining and very instructive. He also donated one of his very fine prints as a raffle prize which was much appreciated. The members of our Society enjoyed Chris's talk and found his composition tips helpful and inspiring