Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Demonstration by Kim Page 3.9.14

Yet again we were rescued By Kim Page who came to demonstrate when the scheduled demonstrator was unable to make it, fortunately for us, as we are always pleased to see Kim demonstrate and tonight we were not disappointed.  Kim's landscape in watercolour was amazing his technique and expert abilities had us all enthralled this evening whilst we watched him paint and at the same time he explained the process. The resulting painting was fabulous and we are all looking forward to seeing Kim again. Thank you Kim

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Demonstration & Talk by Annabelle Ellford 6.8.14

Today we had a most interesting talk and demonstration by Annabelle Elford and her son James who is in the military and has severed overseas in Afghanistan.  Annabelle first showed us her paintings of soldier serving in Afghanistan and explained her methods materials and inspirational triggers along with the tips and hints on her approach to her work.  Her son James explained the situations and people in the pictures and was often the one who took the original photos which Annabelle used in the making of her paintings. We all enjoyed the evening and Thank you Annabelle and James 

Demonstration By Richard Turner Pastel Painting Processes 2.7.14

This evening Richard Turner came to demonstrate pastel painting processes for the members of Virginia Water Art Society where 46 members were shown how Richard embarks on his pastel work and the processes which he goes through with explanations tips and hints with lots of information on how to obtain good results, we all enjoyed the demonstration and hopefully digested all the information Richard gave us and are now armed to embark on pastel painting, Thank you Richard