Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tom Yeandell MFPA Talk with Slides 4.11.15

On Wednesday 4th November Tom Yeandell came to Virgina Water Art Society to talk to us about the Mouth And Foot Painting Artists of which he is one himself Tom showed us slides of the many beautiful paintings made by some of their members and explained how some of the painters create their work and how the MFPA works.  The evening was very informative and entertaining our members enjoyed learning about the MFPA Thank You Tom 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Demonstration ByJo Quigley 7.10.15

Virginia Water Art Society were fortunate enough to receive Jo Quigley tonight who demonstrated in acrylic painting figures and horses we were all very much entertained by the demonstration and Jo's method and painting style was very interesting she explained the methods she used and bought some of her finished paintings for us to see.  Jo explained how she blocked in the figures and then progressed to more detail working layer by layer introducing more colour and form.  We all enjoyed the demonstration very much Thank you Jo.